Volunteering  With Hayden Little League

Thank you for being part of Hayden Little League and volunteering your time for our kids! Hayden Little League’s volunteer program is designed to help the league run smoothly, to help you get to know other families in your community, and most importantly, to have a positive impact on players’ lives. Some leagues require additional registration fees to pay for game workers, but HLL has been fortunate to avoid extra fees with a volunteer model. Thank you to those who have served our league over the years. To our future volunteers, we look forward to meeting you!

Track It Forward (TIF)

Our volunteer shifts are managed through Track It Forward (TIF). There are three ways to access TIF:

Invitations for TIF are sent to the person whose email is associated with the player's registration. If you did not receive an invitation and want to register for events, please go to Hayden Little League Volunteers to set up an account.

Service Goals

Track It Forward tracks the "credit hours" you serve for the league. The league asks each family to complete credit hours based on the age of their oldest player, regardless of the number of players in the family. 

    • Families with oldest player in AAA/Majors/Juniors earn 30 or more credit hours.
    • Families with oldest player in T-ball or AA earn 10 or more credit hours.

    April 7, 2024 Update: Based on increased registrations during the 2024 season, we have revised targets to ensure adequate game coverage.

    Credit Hours

    Credit hours are based on the number of hours provided in service to the league. Some duties receive bonus credit hours (i.e. more hours than actually served) because they require training or are high demand. All hours listed below are per game, except as noted.

       Plate Umpire (5 credit hours)
       Field Umpire (3 credit hours)
       Scorekeeper (4 credit hours)
       Pitch Counter (3 credit hours)
       Pre-Game Field Prep (1 credit hour)
       Post-Game Field Cleanup (1 credit hour)
       Concession (3 credit hours)
       Scoreboard Operator/Announcer (3 credit hours)
       Team Manager (20 credit hours/season)
       Assistant Coach (15 credit hours/season)
       Team Parent (10 credit hours/season)
       Board Service (10 credit hours/season)
       Pre-season Field Day (2 credit hours/day)
       Training (scorekeeping, umping, etc.) (1 credit hour)

    Signing up for a Shift

    In order to have your points count toward your goal, you will need to sign up for duties on the “Events” page of the Track It Forward app or website. You can also access events here.

    Canceling a Shift

    To cancel your shift, simply visit your event registration and click the "X" next to your name.

    Accounting for Your Hours

    If you have signed up for an event, there's nothing else you need to do. Your hours will be logged by our volunteer coordinators on the backend. Please do not use the "Log Hours" feature to enter your time -- it creates a duplicate entry. 

    Tracking Your Goal

    To see how many credit hours you have earned toward your target, visit “Milestones” in the app, or go to “Log Hours” on the website. There you will see the credit hours you have served. If your family has multiple accounts (for example, each parent has an account), you will only see the credit hours earned for that individual account. Rest assured, we are able to track total family hours on the backend.


    Hayden Little League appreciates your time and effort! As a thank you, we offer the following incentives:

    Family hits 30-credit hour milestone
    One entry into an end-of-season drawing for a 2025 player registration.
    Juniors team hits 300 credit hours
    Majors team hits 250 credit hours
    AAA team hits 200 hours
    AA team hits 100 hours
    T-ball team hits 50 credit hours
    All players on that team will receive a coupon for a free hot dog, chips, and soda at Concessions. 
    Volunteer of the Week$10 gift card to local coffee stand.

    Background Checks

    Any adult who is on the field with kids during games and/or practices must complete a background check. This includes coaches, umpires, bench helpers, and field prep/clean-up workers. To complete a background check, message [email protected].


    For questions or further details about the volunteer opportunities, reach out to Jo and Nolan Lien at [email protected]. We are here to help, and we welcome your feedback!


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