An Evalutation is required for all players league age 8 and older.

Player evaluations (we used to call these tryouts) are required for all players League Age 8 and older. Please visit Little League Age Calculator (also located under the FORMS AND INFO section) to confirm your players League age as it could be different from their actual age.

Player evaluations are an important tool for us to place players into divisions and onto teams with players of similar skill and talent levels to create a fun and competitive league. All players that sign up for Hayden Little League will make a team regardless of experience or skill level but should attend evaluations if they are League age 8 or older.

Player Evaluations date and location is still being decided. Please show up about 10 minutes before your start time to get signed in. Players will need a glove and if they have one a bat and batting helmet. We will have extra bats and helmets there for use as well. Players will need to wear tennis shoes as this is an indoor faculty, NO CLEATS will be allowed.

2:30pm - League Age 8 year olds and any league age 7 year wanting to try out for player pitch division
3:30pm - League age 9 year olds
4:30pm - League age 10 year olds
5:30pm - League age 11 year olds
6:30pm - League age 12 year olds
7:30pm - League age 13, 14 and 15 year old wanting to play on Juniors

We will be having Make up player evaluations on TBD if you are unable to attend the main session.
6:00pm - League age 8, 9, 10 year olds
7:00pm - League Age 11 year old and older

Player evaluations on TBD will also be a walk-up registration spot so that if you are new to Hayden Little League and need to provide documentation you will be able to do this during player evaluations. If you are using your player's school for eligibility you will need to provide a School Waiver form (located on the FORMS AND INFO section of our website) which you must fill out and then have your school principal sign and return to Hayden Little League.

Please email us at [email protected] with any questions.

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